Planning Guide

At Mariotti, we will come out to your home and professionally measure your kitchen or bath project for free. If you would like to start on your own, here is a good guideline to follow:

How to Measure Your Kitchen

  1. Draw a sketch of your kitchen following the above diagram as a sample.  Show all window and door openings.  Measurement of door and window openings should include moldings.
  2. Fill in all dimensions.  Measure each section of the wall and the overall dimensions of the wall.  The total of the sections should add up to the overall wall dimension.
  3. Measure ceiling height or measure from the floor to the bottom of the soffits if soffits are involved.
  4. Measure all existing appliances that are going to be used in the kitchen.  Show whether refrigerator or freezer hinges are on the left or right side of the appliance.
  5. Do not measure existing cabinets.  Measure kitchen walls as though the kitchen was bare.

An accurate measurement helps our professional designers use all of the space in your kitchen efficiently.  However, when you buy cabinets at Mariottti Building Products, our professional measurer will measure your kitchen before we order the cabinets to insure that the measurements are correct.  This service is one of the many steps in assuring you that your kitchen will work as good as it looks.


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