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Your backyard is an extension of your home – more space to enjoy, fresh air and sunshine, and outdoor fun, such as possibly a pool, lake view, or a swingset for the kids or grandkids.

Instead of having to spend time prepping and cooking food indoors while everyone else is outside, why not create an outdoor kitchen? With new technology and materials, outdoor kitchen cabinetry is possible! Outdoor cabinetry is made to withstand temperatures and sunlight without fading and moisture without warping or rotting, while still looking just as modern and beautiful as what you know and expect with indoor kitchen cabinets.

Here are 3 things to know about outdoor kitchen cabinetry that may pleasantly surprise you.

1. Low Maintenance & Long Lasting

Materials used for outdoor cabinets are specifically made for outdoor settings. They are impermeable to moisture, mildew-resistant and designed to last. Whether your backyard sees hours of sun, or chilly, snow-filled winter months, outdoor cabinetry will withstand it all and be ready for your next outdoor gathering. Adding a covering to your outdoor kitchen space is ideal, but if not possible, be sure to choose weather resistant materials for all surfaces. Our designers can help with these choices. 

Outdoor kitchen with blue cabinets and dining space

Blue outdoor cabinets with grill

2. Customizable Layouts and Storage Options

Professional designers and installers can work with you to ensure your ideal layout and accessories fit within your outdoor space. Current design elements such as pillars or landscaping can be included in the design process. Kitchen appliances, including grills, smokers, and mini fridges, can also be included in the designs. We can also consider the storage requirements you have, and make sure your outdoor kitchen design meets those needs.  It’s very similar to designing or renovating an indoor kitchen – just outdoors instead!

Blue outdoor cabinets with island

Outdoor kitchen with blue cabinetry and smoker

3. Variety of Styles & Finishes to Match Your Home

Outdoor living is meant to be an extension of your home, and with a wide variety of cabinet door styles and colors, it can feel like a seamless transition from inside to outside. From traditional browns and whites, to greys, blacks and blues – the vision for your outdoor oasis can come to life.  

Blue outdoor cabinet end

Blue outdoor base cabinetry with grill


Want to see more photos of an outdoor kitchen that we recently created right here in NEPA? Check it all out here.

Ready to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard? Contact us today or visit our showroom in Old Forge. You could be spending more time next summer outside in the beautiful NEPA sunshine!

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