What is a technical review?

For every kitchen and bath project purchased, no less than five designers will perform a review of your project plan before it is ordered.  This ensures accuracy and better results.

What do the designers look for in a technical review?

Our team evaluates your design and its layout, functionality, door style, finish and countertop together.  They add their input for potential issues that may arise, and if needed, your designer will address and resolve them with you.

Why does Mariotti Building Products take this extra step?

When you work with Mariotti Building Products on a kitchen or bath, you will work primarily with one designer as your point person.  But that designer has a team of professionals behind them.  After all, more sets of eyes are better than one when it comes to getting your project right.  This prevents issues, and ensures that the all the fine details are just right.

Do you have examples of the issues that a technical review prevents?

Technical reviews prevent things like ordering mistakes (color, sizes, etc.) and clearance issues, but can also help improve finer details like storage placement, finishes, etc.  We’re proud of our designers and their experience, but we truly believe that a team effort will give you the best finished product possible.

Do your competitors perform technical reviews?

Our process is unique.  We’ve seen some crazy plans out there.  If you’ve got a plan from another provider, but you’re nervous about its accuracy and function, set an appointment and we’ll do our best to help!

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