While getting a new kitchen is an awesome step with a worthwhile result, the process can seem overwhelming.

But don’t worry, you’ve got people!  The team at Mariotti Building Products will be with you every step of the way.

Get to know us!  Stop by our showroom, or make an appointment with one of our kitchen designers.

We’d love to meet you and your family.

Here’s a glimpse at our process for the average kitchen project.  Timelines and steps can vary based on your selections and needs, but this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Talk to your designer.  We’ll ask you some questions, including the items on your wishlist, your tastes, your finish and countertop preferences, the scope of the project, and more.  We’ll guide you around the showroom accordingly so you can see products and examples, answering questions as we go.

Get your kitchen measured. With a good understanding of your project, your designer will set up an appointment to come to your house for a free in-home measurement. We get to work on a design.  Armed with precise measurements, our experienced designer will get to work on your design.  We’ll also put together preliminary pricing that includes your cabinet and countertop selections.

Design and proposal review.  We’ll make an appointment for you to come back into the showroom to review your design and proposal.  We can answer any questions you have about logistics and pricing, and make any changes you require.

Layout and rendering. If you’d like to move forward, the designer will do a layout (drawing) to ensure that all of your requests can be accommodated. The layout will show sizes and dimensions, including cabinetry information specific to what you selected.  Once the layout is complete, it is handed over to our design support staff. They turn the layout into a computer generated rendering, which shows you a dimensional view of all the fine details of your project, including cabinet style, crown molding, appliances, etc.

A final review.  You’ll come back to the showroom again to review your rendering and final pricing.  We want to make sure everything is done according to your wishes and needs!  At this time, any possible changes or last minute questions are addressed and resolved, and a schedule will be created.

Agreement and deposit.  If you agree to the project, you can place your deposit and it will go into technical review by our entire design staff.  If everything checks out, then the order process will begin.

Cabinet procurement.  The cabinet line you choose will determine the lead time.  This can vary from one day to six weeks.  When the cabinets arrive, a delivery will be scheduled and two of our trained drivers will deliver the new cabinets to your home.

Installation.  If Mariotti Building Products is installing your project, our highly skilled professional installation crew will begin. Installation time depends on the overall size of the project, but averages two to four days.  If your own builder or contractor is handling your installation, we’ll leave it to them!

Countertop templating and installation.  Once the cabinets are installed, your countertop is ready for template and installation. The type of material (laminate, Dorian, granite, or quartz) will determine the length of your installation time. This can vary from one to two weeks.

Enjoy your new kitchen!  Once your new countertop is installed, this will complete the process and you can enjoy your new space!

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