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When you find yourself dreaming of adding a new deck to your home, or maybe refreshing one that’s showing its age, you likely start thinking about 2 things: WHAT type of building material to use, and WHEN is the best time to get it done.

We’ve got the suggestions for both of these questions, and can help you decide how to move forward with your plans.

WHAT Type of Building Material to Use for Decking

When considering materials, you’ll need to think about two main factors: price & maintenance.

Composite materials are a lifetime product that looks pretty close to wood, but with no splinters, no staining, and little ongoing maintenance. Simply put, it’s easy!

Wood, on the other hand, has a limited lifetime and requires a lot more maintenance.

The upside though? It’s less expensive, at least initially. But once you factor in costs like periodic refinishing and staining and other maintenance items, the cost gap lessens.  A wood deck is indeed less expensive to build, but there will be maintenance costs over the life the deck that composite decks will not incur.

When deciding between composite and wood, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons against your personal situation to decide.  Perhaps you want to build a deck to enjoy for a while, but then you’ll move.  Or maybe you’re building a deck on your forever home.  Perhaps you enjoy home projects, and ongoing maintenance isn’t a problem.  Or maybe you’ve got a busy schedule and maintenance isn’t an option at all.

Most often, cost ends up being the main reason people pick one or the other.

Need help deciding? We can talk through options and ask you the right questions to help you arrive at the best fit for your vision and plans.

WHEN is the Best Time to have a Deck Built or Updated?

If you choose Mariotti Building Products for supply, wait time for materials is usually a non-issue.  We keep many of our selections in stock and can arrange delivery within a week.  If you choose an option we don’t have in stock, quick delivery is still usually possible because of our relationships with area suppliers of both wood and engineered options.

Decking and railing in the showroom.

Getting it built is normally the limiting factor.  Busy season is absolutely the Springtime. Everyone wants to get their new outdoor space ready to enjoy all Summer long. If you find yourself in this category, Winter would be the best time to start planning and getting your project on a contractor’s schedule, as they can often be tight.  (If you don’t have a contractor in mind – don’t worry. We can provide you with recommendations.)

You can still build through the summer or fall, as weather is still largely agreeable.  It will still depend on your contractor’s schedule (unless you build yourself).  Be sure to start planning in advance to get a time that works for everyone involved.

Come into our showroom to talk to one of our decking & railing experts. We have various materials on display and can help guide you through the planning and selection process.  Then you’ll have a new or updated outdoor space to enjoy.

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