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As summer kicks off, backyard gatherings quickly become the go to choice for get-togethers. From school graduation parties, to holiday gatherings, or simply evenings spent enjoying the nice summer weather – patios and backyards become the place to be. After spending the colder months inside around the kitchen island or dining room table, the fresh air of summer feels brand new. And what better way to enjoy your patio than with a backyard kitchen that brings the functionality of your kitchen to the outdoors.

Here are 3 elements of an outdoor kitchen to think about when creating a backyard BBQ oasis.

1.     Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry & Countertops

Outdoor cabinetry & countertops are similar to indoor cabinetry but with one major difference – it will withstand the weather and temperatures! You can read all about outdoor kitchen cabinetry in our recent blog post that explains 3 things to know about outdoor kitchen cabinetry.

2.     Outdoor Appliances

When moving your food prep outdoors, you have some options for cooking and storage. Depending on your particular interests and tastes, you may choose to include a classic BBQ grill or smoker in your outdoor kitchen design. Built-in pizza ovens, outdoor sinks and refrigeration can also be added. First figure out what you like to serve outdoors and allow that to direct you when creating your ideal design and layout.

3.     Covered Dining or Under the Stars

An outdoor kitchen is not complete without a comfortable dining space to enjoy your meal! When designing your backyard oasis, be sure to include your preferences for seating, and specifically, if you want your dining space to be covered by a roof or open air. How large of a table will you want? Do you want to include an island with stools, a seating area around a fire pit or other comfortable seating options for relaxing?

Same with your prep space.  Think about that area in the same way.  To do so, you’ll need to think about what you’ll be prepping and how you’ll be using the space.

Our experienced designers can show you examples and help you create a vision for your ideal backyard kitchen. Visit our showroom in Old Forge to start designing your new patio kitchen and you’ll be cooking dinner outdoors before you know it!

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