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Have you thought about using glass cabinets in your kitchen or another space in your home?

Here are three ideas to consider.

1. Glass as a Prominent Design Element

Disclaimer: This style is not for everyone.  If you’ve got a full house of people (i.e. children) and you don’t want to put a lot of time into maintenance (i.e. cleaning the outside of the cabinet doors and straightening up their contents), then this might not be a great choice.

But look how gorgeous it is!

Lots of glass in a kitchen design

Glass cabinet doors help lend a light and airy feel to a kitchen.  They’re great if you’re going for a modern farmhouse vibe, or you’ve got a fairly monochromatic color scheme across other design elements in your kitchen.

This Mariotti design features all glass uppers, with dramatic crown moulding that extends the line all the way to the ceiling.

2. Glass as an Accent

Glass design accent

If all glass uppers don’t suit your lifestyle, you can always add a small glass cabinet in some area of the kitchen to act as a simple design element.

This Mariotti design features a thin glass upper to display stemware (functional, but also a decoration), so it’s not as hard to keep tidy.  You still get that airy look and feel, but without as much maintenance.

3. Glass to Show Your Stuff

Glass to Show Decoration Glass to Show Barware

Glass cabinets are a beautiful way to display things like barware, statement dishware, and other decorations.  You can change decorations out seasonally, or use them to create pops of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Mariotti designers can work with you to place them high for minimal maintenance, or lower to keep a focal point at eye level.  Of course your options will depend on your budget, the measurements of your kitchen, and other storage needs.

See Our Work for more examples of these ways to use glass cabinets, or come in and see your options in our showroom.

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