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A lot of teamwork goes into a kitchen project at Mariotti Building Products, including custom kitchen islands.

Our design team works with a customer to select the right cabinets, countertops, and other pieces for the kitchen.  Then, we take our measurements and work with the manufacturers to get everything ordered properly before install.

In some cases, our shop team gets to do custom work on pieces for a kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Island Build in Action

For this project, the client chose a dark island with a cross detailing on the side. The pieces you see in this post will go on the sides of the chosen cabinets to turn the functional island into a beautiful design element.

Matt and Jeff, two of the craftspeople in our shop, were up for the challenge.  Take a look at this video and photo progression of the project.

Now it’s ready for touch up and install in our customer’s home!

Getting the posts of the island ready to cut

Finsihing touches on the custom kitchen island posts

You can start to see the island coming to life

The cross design is going into the custom kitchen island

Jeff and Matt are proud of their custom kitchen island work

Is Your Kitchen Matt and Jeff’s Next Project?

Are you looking for help to create a beautiful kitchen in your home?  Visit us to get started.  Matt and Jeff would love to work for you!

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