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When starting a kitchen remodeling project, one of the first steps is gathering ideas and inspiration to figure out what’s possible and what you’d personally like your new space to include. By looking at other kitchens and available options – both online and in-person – you’ll start to zero in on what exactly it is you’re drawn to and interested in.

And Mariotti is here to help with that process! We have a few ways for you to find inspiration and start the process of your kitchen remodel.

1. Take a look at the “See Our Work” page of our website

On this page you’ll find photo galleries of a wide variety of real-life kitchens, including various room sizes, cabinet colors/styles, countertops, lighting, and more.

Feel free to take note of what stands out to you so you can reference it again in the future.

And feel free to point out the photos you like on our website when you visit our showroom!  It is quite possible that the designer you’re talking to could have worked on that very same project.

White inset kitchen cabinets with large wood tone island

Natural wood tone kitchen cabinets with center island and double oven

2. Read through our blog posts, especially ones included in the “Inspiration & Photos” category

Here you’ll find ideas and suggestions from our experienced design team, along with design trends and points to consider when coming up with your wish list and initial ideas.

It’s a great place to see different concepts, along with explanations of some elements of a kitchen remodel, like lighting and cabinet styles.

screenshot of inspiration blog post

screenshot of kitchen cabinets style blog post

3. Visit our showroom in-person in Old Forge

Once you’ve been inspired with photos and ideas, the next step is to see those options in-person. Our showroom includes full-size kitchen setups for you to touch and feel. This is when things really start to come together!

Our designers are available 6 days a week in our showroom to answer any questions, and help get you started on your dream kitchen.

kitchen options in mariotti showroom

showroom countertop examples

Starting a kitchen remodel can seem overwhelming, but with the help of Mariotti Building Products, you can find a variety of photos, ideas, and inspiration to help you decide exactly what you want.

Come visit us in Old Forge when you’re ready to learn more.

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