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Ever found yourself wishing your kitchen was bigger? Maybe your family size has grown. Or maybe you love hosting dinners with friends and your current kitchen often feels out of space. If knocking down a wall to expand into another space is not a possibility, then take a look at our 6 tips to make your kitchen feel larger without actually increasing the square footage.

1. Install New White Cabinets

Our designers recommend white cabinets for small kitchens, because they generally make any space look brighter and feel more open – even if the layout doesn’t change. And give some thought to hardware choices, too. Light, streamlined hardware often fits well within a small space. 

White inset kitchen cabinets with glass display cabinets at top

2. Make the Cabinets Go All the Way to the Ceiling

Many older kitchens are missing out on prime storage space when their soffits are above the cabinets. Installing new cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling will give you additional storage and will also make it feel like the ceiling is actually higher than it is.  It’s a win-win in our opinion (as long as you can remove the soffits safely).

White inset kitchen cabinets with stainless steel stove and hood

3. Add Some Glass Into Your Cabinets

Glass front cabinets add depth to the kitchen without actually adding space. Our designers can help you decide where and how to include glass fronts in your kitchen – possibly all across the very top or transforming an end cabinet to be more of a display cabinet. Read more about our 3 ideas for ways to use glass cabinets in kitchens here 

White inset cabinets with white farmhouse sink and display cabinets

4. Check Your Lighting

Good lighting can make a HUGE difference! Bright spaces are inviting spaces. If your light fixtures are dated, or if a corner of the kitchen always feels dark, updating to recessed can lights with strategically placed pendant lights will make a big difference. Small pendant fixtures can add light in often used places while also adding style to the space. You can see lighting fixture samples in-person at our showroom. We carry a variety of options from Quoizel Lighting. 

Kitchen with two tone cabinets of white and wood tone

5. Increase Storage Solutions

Standard cabinets work well for some items, but adding in large drawers for pots, pans and small appliances provide storage solutions while freeing up space on countertops. Our designers believe that kitchen storage should work for your individual needs and provide a place to put away items. That can keep your kitchen looking tidy and organized, and therefore feel bigger. 

White shaker cabinets and drawers with built-in microwave space

6.  Add In Special Features

Our designers love including utility cabinets with adjustable, roll-out shelves or roll-out trays above drawers in remodeling plans. These special features of a kitchen add function and storage without taking up a lot of space.  They’re especially helpful if you don’t have room for a large number base or top cabinets in your floor plan.  By taking advantage of the “dead” space that often occurs at the tops of cabinets or drawers with more storage, you can give yourself more options.

White inset cabinet drawers with silver pulls


Our designers have many tips and tricks to make your kitchen feel larger without actually adding on to it. If your kitchen feels small, but adding square footage is not in the cards, come visit our showroom in Old Forge. We’re open with social distancing measures in place to help you get started on your new, larger-feeling kitchen.  

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