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If your kitchen was built (or last renovated) many years ago, then it likely has basic standard cabinets and drawers: wide open space inside, maybe with a couple shelves or a pull-out shelf, if you’re lucky. 

Have you ever thought to yourself, “There has to be a better way?”

Well, there is!

We can help you create a kitchen that has built-in organization for all your commonly used or odd-sized kitchen items.

Learn about some of our favorite features of specialized drawers & cabinets, and be sure to remember these ideas when you visit our showroom to get started on your new kitchen.  These examples are from our Dura Supreme line of cabinetry.

1. Deep Drawers: Not all drawers have to be the same size

Our designers recommend including a few deep drawers in your kitchen plans to store large cooking pans, like woks, mixing bowls and more.  Deep drawers are generally easier to use than wide open cabinets, because pulling out a drawer to access items is a lot easier than bending and reaching to do the same. 

They are also more expensive, but if they’re on your budget, they can make a big difference in your kitchen.

Deep cabinet pull-out drawers for pots and pans


2. Roll-Out Shelves: Great for cabinets, pantry & more

Roll-out shelves can also be an alternative to deep drawers for pots and pans. They provide easy access, and can include small shelves to hold the matching lids.  Roll-out shelves also greatly enhance the usability of a standard pantry, or deep cabinets where you will store food (i.e. next to the refrigerator).  You pretty much can’t go wrong by adding roll-out shelves to various parts of your kitchen. 

Roll out lower shelf for pots and pans

3. Dish Drawers: Organize dishes in sturdy, easy-to-reach stacks

Dishes have traditionally been stored on open shelves inside upper cabinets. However, you can also move dishes down into perfectly spaced stacks within lower drawers. It’s easier to access, there is no need to reach up high, and the spacers can be set at just the right size to fit your dishes.

Cabinet dish drawer to organize dishes

4. Cutlery Dividers: Custom organized spaces for all your utensils

Keep your utensils well-organized without sliding with built-in dividers. Our designers love how the built-in dividers give you usable spaces for all your pieces, and no space is wasted. You can even choose a two-tier tray. Plus, they match the cabinet wood and style. 

cutlery dividers in kitchen cabinet drawer

5. Toe Space Drawer, or Thin Vertical Spacer Cabinet: Use all the space in your kitchen

A wide and shallow drawer that fits in the “toe space” below your main base cabinets is perfect for flat items, such as baking sheets, oven mitts, rolling pins, cutting boards, and more. These items are often used, but awkward to store – unless you have this type of drawer created just for them.  A thin vertical cabinet in the place where a spacer might otherwise go can also do the same.

Kitchen toe space drawer for storage of flat items

6. Charging Station: Tuck away your electronics

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a spot dedicated to charging all your devices (tablets, cell phones, etc.)? Add a special drawer charging station to your new kitchen and keep electronics tucked away safely while they charge.

Charging station for electronics within cabinet drawer

Having the right kind of drawers and cabinets with built-in organization can make all the difference in your kitchen. You can prep and entertain with ease, knowing where every item is stored and with easy access when needed.

Come see these cabinet and drawer options in action in our showroom and let our designers show you just how organized your kitchen could be.

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