You are currently viewing Part 2 – Built-In Organization for Kitchens: Unique Storage Solutions

In part 1 of this series, we shared six cabinet and drawer options to include in your kitchen in order to stay organized and have easy access to common items. 

Now that we got the basics covered, we’re sharing our favorite unique storage solutions for some more specialized kitchen items. These are some nice additions that can really take your kitchen organization and style up a notch.

1. Lower Cabinet Utensil Pull-Out

Keep your countertops clear by moving your cooking utensils into a pull-out drawer. These narrow drawers include crocks to easily organize your utensils and make them easy to find and grab while cooking.  And your countertops can stay clearer!

kitchen drawer utensil pull out

2. Coffee & Tea Drawer with Partitions (and K-Cup Organizer)

Want quick access to make your daily coffee or tea? Our designers love including a dedicated drawer for all your morning beverage supplies. You can custom-design your partitions and organizers to fit your needs, and put it in the spot in your kitchen where it makes the most sense.  (This is another option that helps keep those countertops clearer.)

kitchen coffee and tea drawer

3. Beverage Center Cabinet

Do you prefer to have your small appliances tucked away when not in use? A Beverage Center Cabinet is the perfect solution. It can house your coffee maker/grinder, tools, glasses and more, all in one go-to spot.  Once you’re done, close the doors on the clutter.

Add-on options include a roll-out shelf for extra convenience, or pocket doors if they’re feasible and you’re short on space for regular swing doors.

kitchen beverage center cabinet

4. Swing-Up Appliance Shelf

Here’s something cool – a swing-up appliance shelf!  Lift heavy appliances like a stand mixer to counter height with a built-in shelf. Our designers recommend this for people who really want to cut down on countertop clutter, but use those cooking appliances often.

kitchen swing up appliance shelf

5. Drawer Spice Rack

Stop looking around and behind your spices to find the one you want to use with some smart organization. A pull-out drawer spice rack gives you easy access to everything quickly. (And it looks nice too!)

kitchen drawer spice rack

6. Recycling Center Pull-Out

A full door base recycling cabinet keeps your kitchen waste and recycling (and its smell) tucked away. An extra special feature is the Touch Latch mechanism that allows you to open this cabinet with a touch of your knee.  That can be perfect for when your hands are full or wet from cooking.

kitchen recycling center pull out

Storage solutions for unique kitchen items can really make a difference in the day to day function of your kitchen.  If they’re in your budget, these items can make a big difference in saving you time and space. Stop by our showroom to talk with a designer about your options.

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