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When you start your new kitchen build or remodeling project, one of your first decisions will be tones for your cabinets – white, wood, or something with color?

Wood tone cabinets come in a variety of shades, from light to dark. White cabinets can also come in varying shades, like bright white vs. off-white or antique white. And then there are color options with lots of choices, including shades of gray, blue, and green.

Many people know quickly which side of the wood tone vs. white vs. color decision they fall on, but it’s all over the board. We recently looked back on all the projects we did in 2020, and while white cabinets were our clients’ top choice, we did kitchens in just about all the tones!

Your choice is really up to you and the overall style of (or vision for) your home. If you can’t decide, here are our thoughts on each option, plus some photos of kitchens we’ve done to help you get inspired.

White Cabinet Kitchens

White kitchens are bright and inviting. Our designers would describe them as modern with a simple, clean look.

If you are working with a small space, white cabinets can help to make it feel larger. They also pair well with a variety of hardware styles and finishes, as well as appliance and lighting options.

White inset cabinets with white farmhouse sink and display cabinets

White inset kitchen cabinets with dual islands

Wood Tone Cabinet Kitchens

When we think about wood tone cabinets, we picture a kitchen that is warm and traditional. The wood tones feel strong and classic, especially when paired with black hardware and stainless steel appliances.

Worried about the space feeling too dark? Our designers might recommend using a light countertop to brighten it up. Or, you could do a two-tone kitchen.

Natural wood tone kitchen cabinets with center island and double oven

Cherry cabinet kitchen with island and stainless steel appliances

Two-Tone Cabinet Kitchens

Current trends include mixing wood tone cabinets with white cabinets. For example, wood tone cabinets could be used for all lower cabinets, and white cabinets could be used for all upper ones.  Or, the main cabinets would be white with the island done in a wood tone.  It’s a modern look that mixes the two styles.

White kitchen cabinets with wood tone island

Two tone kitchen with dark wood tone cabinets and white island

Colored Cabinets: Grays, Blues, & Greens

The use of cabinets in color tones is a growing trend. A shade from the gray, blue, or green color families can make a kitchen feel both classic and modern at the same time, and add personality to your home.

Our designers recommend considering the light that comes into your kitchen before choosing your color tone.  Light seems to affect color-tone cabinets the most, and we want to ensure that what you pick accomplishes your vision.

Light inset cabinets with large glass display cabinet

Stainless steel farmhouse sink in gray cabinet island

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