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A kitchen island is often the focus of the room and serves various purposes.

Of course, it has practical functions, like providing additional counter space for cooking and more cabinets and drawers for storage. It also impacts the overall feel of your home by opening up the kitchen and possibly creating a “great room” space where the kitchen flows into your living space. Your kitchen island can provide so much more than that, though. Below are 5 island elements and features to consider when building or remodeling your kitchen.

1. Sinks: Farmhouse Style? Prep Sink?

Traditionally, the sink is placed along a wall or window, but if your kitchen plans include a large island, consider placing the sink in the island. Our designers love the look of a farmhouse sink that allows you to look into your home and be with family and friends while prepping food and washing dishes. If your island can’t quite hold a full sink, adding a secondary prep sink to the island can work great, too. Check out our photo gallery for ideas of sink styles and placements.

Gray washed island cabinets with farmhouse sink in island

2. Dishwasher: Keep It Close To The Sink

If you do place the sink in the island, be sure to consider your dishwasher placement, too. We generally recommend keeping it next to the sink for easy loading!

Grey washed wood tone island paired with white inset cabinets

3. Easily Accessible Power

The island is often the center of your kitchen, including food prep and the place for people to gather.  Small appliances will need access to power, without stretching the power cords across where you’ll be walking. Plus, if people will be gathering at the island, access to charge cell phones and other devices will come in handy, too. Our designers like to place power outlets on the sides of the island – tucked way out of sight, but easily accessible when needed.

Dark wood tone island drawers

4. Cooking Options: Stove Top, Oven or Built-In Microwave Shelf?

Similar to the sink, adding your stove top, oven, or microwave to the kitchen island can make for convenient cooking. It keeps you connected with the people around and allows for the countertops along the wall to be used for other purposes. 

Natural wood tone kitchen cabinets with large island

5. Seating: How Many & Which Style?

Our designers almost always suggest adding seating to any island. Whether it’s only 2 stools, or as many as 5+, seating at an island brings everyone together.  And the style of the stools or chairs help create the overall look of the space.

Also, think about the materials used for the frame and the seat. Do you prefer wood or metal, and do you want the seat to be upholstered or leather? Our designers can show you various styles that would work well with your cabinets and hardware selections.

Natural wood tone countertop on island with 4 stools

Your kitchen island is more than just cabinets — It has several options and features to consider. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, stop by our showroom in Old Forge to see full-size kitchen displays and meet with a designer to help you get started.

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