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With so many options and choices, it can be hard to narrow down how you want your newly remodeled kitchen to look. As you start the process, we recommend asking yourself these 4 questions that will help you focus in on a vision for your kitchen remodel.

1. What is the overall feel of your home?

Remodeling a kitchen gives an opportunity to completely change the look and feel of a space. But if the kitchen is focus of the remodel, then it’s a good idea to consider the overall style of your home. What style of cabinetry do you have in other spaces, such as bathrooms and laundry areas? What finish is the hardware on your interior doors and living room furniture?  It’s best to have your new kitchen feel like it “fits in” with the rest of the home. Take a walk around your house and notice the look and feel that other rooms have and keep that in mind when browsing photos of kitchens to find inspiration. You can check out images of kitchens we’ve done here.

White inset kitchen with large grey island

2. What kind of flow & feel do you want to have?

Is your kitchen part of a great room that is combined with your living room or family room? Or are you making the most of a small space? If your kitchen is part of a great room, then a cohesive look and feel is likely the goal. However, if your kitchen is in its own space, you can have a little more freedom to do something unique. Thinking about the space and layout will help to determine the style of cabinets, paint colors, lighting options, and more. All of these style choices contribute to how the space will feel while you’re using it.

White inset kitchen overlooking living room

3. Who uses the space?

Do you have a large family that will all be in the space together at the same time? Or do you like to entertain friends, and need a space for others to be social while food is cooking? These questions can help you to decide the style and amount of seating that is necessary within the kitchen. Maybe 2 barstools by a small breakfast bar would fit your needs, or maybe you’d prefer 4 seats around a larger island. Thinking about how people will fit into the space is an important consideration when remodeling a kitchen.

White and cashew brown kitchen with large island

4. What do I need to learn about the options, especially in cabinetry?

Some options you’ll come across include choosing drawers vs. cabinets, door styles and construction, inset styles, soft-close, and more. With so many choices to make, it can be hard to figure out what’s important to you and how it fits into your budget. Talk to our team and see full-size samples at our showroom in Old Forge. We are open 6 days/week for you to come talk with a designer about your ideas. Visit us today to get started on remodeling your kitchen!

kitchen options in mariotti showroom

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