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As the year comes to an end, we thought it would be fun to survey our designers to see what kitchen features our clients requested most in 2020.

From just upgrading cabinets and countertops, to complete tear-outs starting fresh from the floor up, our designers were a part of plenty of both remodels and new builds. All the projects were unique, but here are the most popular choices we saw.

Take a look at our list, and see if these trends are part of your vision for a new kitchen in 2021.

1. White Cabinets with Shaker-Style Doors

Our designers installed more white cabinets than any other color in 2020. It’s a versatile choice. A white kitchen with shaker style doors is simple and modern with clean lines, and gives a kitchen a basic foundation for adding unique features and finishes.

2. Deep Drawers for Pots & Pans

Time and time again, clients requested deep drawers to hold large pots & pans. We love that choice, too. Renovating a kitchen is your chance to add in new design features that make a kitchen more functional. Pots and Pans in a drawer make them easy to see and access, and you can ideally locate the drawer in the right proximity to the stove.  When you visit our showroom, our designers can show you full-size cabinet and drawer options to fit your style and needs.

3. Removing Soffits & Installing New Cabinets Up To The Ceiling

A lot of our clients are ready to update older NEPA homes with kitchens that have soffits above the cabinets. They generally want to remove the soffits to refresh the kitchen, and replace them with cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling. Doing so can really transform the feel of the house, and be a game-changer in terms of storage space. 

4. Adding a Pop of Color Into the Kitchen Island

This year we had many clients choose to add dark navy, dark green, and other pops of color to their kitchen island. This technique draws visual attention to the island while offering a nice color contrast to the rest of the kitchen cabinets. Not sure how to add color into your new kitchen? That’s okay. Our designers will help you figure it all out.

5. Brushed Brass / French Brass Hardware

When our clients were browsing our showroom’s hundreds of hardware options with their designers in 2020, brushed brass and french brass seemed to bubble to the top of the preference list over and over again. They’re a change of pace from stainless, and can really help achieve a distinct look depending on the kitchen style you’re going for.

Will you be adding any of these features into your kitchen remodel next year? Visit our showroom, or start your kitchen planning using our wishlist.  Our designers would love to meet you, and maybe come up with some cool new trends together for 2021!
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