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Kitchen trends come and go, so it’s important to carefully consider elements in your kitchen and ensure a look you love.  It’s the details that make a kitchen really come alive and feel unique, and we like the classic styling in the trends we’ve seen this year.

1. Open Shelving

We love open shelving, especially when it is used in conjunction with traditional cabinetry. The open shelving gives a little bit of storage for function, and a little bit of decoration for visual appeal. It also allows you to showcase pieces of your kitchen, and provides easy access to frequently used pieces.

Open Shelving

2. Statement Sinks

Think along the lines of farmhouse sinks, but also metal sinks that compliment the cabinetry. The style of stink can help establish the overall feel of the kitchen you’re going for.

kitchen remodel white sink

3. Natural Wood Tones

Natural wood tones can be used in cabinets, as part of the island, or in elements of the room, such as ceiling beams. It can break up uniformity and add dimension to the space, or create a very distinct but still neutral look.

kitchen remodel wooden cabinets

4. Pops of Color

Picture one wall or area of cabinets in a different color, or a statement range hood. Or maybe choose island cabinetry and paneling in a complimentary shade. Varying your color choices is an easy way to mix things up and evoke emotion within the space.

Fresh Classic Kitchen with a Large Island

5. Two-Tone Cabinets

Similar to using pops of color, doing the upper cabinets in one color and the lower cabinets in a complimenting color can make the room feel modern and unique.  Or doing wall cabinetry in one color and the island in another (like a wood tone) can offer a unique feel.

brand new white kitchen remodel

6. Fancy Pantries

Most times pantries include rows and rows of shelving. What if you used cabinetry INSIDE the pantry instead? It can enhance function and look.  You could also include a nice/decorative entry to the pantry, like a swinging door.  Or, you can turn an area like a mudroom or laundry room into a pantry/extra kitchen prep space with cabinets and countertops.

mud/room pantry combo

Which Trends are Your Style?

Style, color, and function choices can transform a kitchen from nondescript to distinct. Draw inspiration from some of these trends, or see full-size displays in our showroom. Record your preferences in your wishlist.  And when you’re ready, talk to one of our kitchen designers to bring all of your kitchen ideas to life.

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